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Successful Business Improvement - Key Event

Does your organisation need to significantly improve its performance to thrive, or just survive, in the current market conditions? Do you see the recession as a way of focusing minds on the opportunities for strengthening and growing your organisation? If yes, how will you go about turning these opportunities into a successful future? Will you use a planning framework to guide you? This session will provide you with a practical framework for planning and implementing significant changes to organisational performance.

If you are in a leadership position within an organisation that needs to significantly improve its performance then this business improvement framework may be right for you.

This session will introduce a 6-step business improvement framework and use interactive exercises to help participants apply it to their own circumstances. It will also provide an opportunity for you to network with your peers. Come prepared to think about applying a business improvement framework to your own organisation's opportunities and perhaps as Albert Einstein once suggested, "a mind, once stretched, will never again return to its original shape".

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